Restaurant Bootcamp

We recently sent our "Chief of the Galley" (catch the ship reference?), Erin, down to Amelia Island, Florida for an apprenticeship with Celebrity Chef Kenny Gilbert, of Gilbert's Underground Kitchen in Fernandina Beach.  


Erin was in the kitchen with Chef Kenny and his team for a week, learning the ins and outs of his Southern American menu, which includes a variety of dishes, from gator ribs, to fried chicken and biscuits.  Here she is, hard at work prepping some hand made pimiento cheese bratwursts.


The experience of working with such a professional helped with our menu inspiration.

Our menu was designed to be simple concepts done well.  You'll find Manasquan staples, such as pork roll, hot dogs and ice cream.  However, you'll find those favorites showcased in new ways, such as the PRAT, our take on a BLT using pork roll instead of bacon, a hot dog nestled into a freshly baked pretzel bun, and an ice cream sandwich, made with artisanal ice cream and homemade cookies or waffles.  And if you're feeling adventurous, you can try our fried chicken on a biscuit with house made pickles and hot sauce, an ode to the Southern cuisine of Gilbert's Underground Kitchen.  

And with that, we'd like to unveil our menu.  Start thinking about what you're going to order Memorial Day weekend.

We love feedback - #squawk at us and let us know what you think and what'd you like to eat! 

We Love Coffee

When the idea for the Sandy Seagull was coming to fruition, it was clear that there needed to be a few simple things in place, and one of them was great coffee.  Tim, having grown up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was sharing his vision for the Sandy Seagull with his best friend from home.  Immediately, he suggested that Tim make a trip to the General Store in Upper Black Eddy, PA where Homestead Coffee is served.  Shortly after, the Sandy Seagull team found themselves in the Homestead Coffee barn, overwhelmed by the amazing smell of freshly roasted beans. 

Our goal from the first conversations about our mission has been partnerships with brands that share our same philosophy, and upon meeting Michael and Trevor Lewis of Homestead Coffee Roasters, it was an immediate fit.  Michael and his family are dedicated to their community, as well as to the idea of giving back, a concept we plan to build the foundation of our business on.  Michael came to the Sandy Seagull recently for a visit to check out the construction progress - we spent some time together planning out our partnership and most importantly, tasting some fresh cold brew.

Michael hand picks all of the beans that are used in Homestead's blends and we are thrilled to be serving and selling a selection of their single origin coffees this summer: the rich and velvety Guatemalan Bourbon, our sweet and full bodied Columbian house brew, and a vibrant Ethiopian decaf.  All coffees will be drip brewed and served hot.  In addition, we will be making small batches of cold brewed Guatemalan to be served over ice,  

Coffee drinkers tend to be picky about how they take their coffee; here's how we take ours...

Michael: A single cup pour over of Flores Komodo

Adam: Cold brewed Guatemalan Bourbon with raw cacao coconut water

Tim: Cold brewed Guatemalan Bourbon with a dash of raw sugar, extra ice

Allison: Cold brewed Guatemalan Bourbon, straight up

Erin: Cold brewed Guatemalan Bourbon with a few splashes of almond milk

How will you take your coffee this summer?  #squawk at us and let us know.